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Book Boxes

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

For a long time now I wanted to have a book box, I thought I could do a little research present you 10 boxes and show you my favorite. Apparently there are more then 10 boxes outside so I went through almost thirty boxes and compared them, so now I will present for every category a favorite.

1.Just books, for a better price.

If you just want to have a cute surprise every month with books you never heard of, but don’t want to spend a lot of money I would recommend a box of stories. Every month you get 4 books, which usually would just be destroyed cause not enough people knew about them. The price is amazing for only £14.99 ($20,74/17,61€) you get the whole box, in your chosen Genre.

2. The most unique

Once upon a book club really surprised me instead of getting you goodies right away you need to get to a certain page to open it cause it’s releated. I think that’s so cool and really motivates you to read, when you are in a reading slum.

3. Most Goodies

So Spearcraft book box provides sometimes up to 7 goodies, for also one of The cheapest prices ($29.99), which really surprised me cause I never heard of it before even though it seems amazing.

4. Cheap options

Introverts retreat sends you a book, a bookmark, a snack and tea ,coffee, or cocoa for $18.99, which is a great offer. It may not be the typical goodies, but I believe every time your package arrives you will be so happy and who doesn’t love snacks.

5. My favorite

So i tough about it a lot and I really couldn’t decide, in my bookbox I wanted a lot of goodies, but it shouldn’t be to expensive and I think 2 boxes fit quite well for that. Owlcrate has always an amazing signed edition of the book, which I love and the Goddies seems amazing instead of six cheap prints were you don’t know what to do with them, but sadly they have a waitlist. My other favorite is the Spearcraft box, which amazed me with the diversity of their goodies and the amazing price for such a high quality.

6. All the boxes I checked out

1.Owlcrate 15. Tbr

2.Illumincrate 16.

3.Fairyloot 17. My thrill Club

4.The bookish box 18. Page 1 Book subscription

5.Book of the month 19. Indiespensible

6.Lit joy crate 20. The Alignist

7.Once upon a book club 21. The book hookup

8.The wordy traveler 22. Coach Crate

9.Unplugged book box 23. Feminist Book Club

10.Coffe and a classic 24. A Spearcraft Book club

11.My book box 25. The Bookworm Box

12.Reveal book box 26. Boxwella Book Box

13.Bubbles and books 27. Fresh Fiction

14.Choclate and book 28. Introverts Retreat

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