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Enemies to Lovers Recommendations

Enemies to Lovers recommendations, but one of them doesn’t know they are enemies

Renegades by Marissa Meyer

Renegades is an amazing YA Science fiction and fantasy book, which follows Nova and Adrien in Galton City, which is ruled by Superheros named Renegades. While Adrien is the son of the founders, Nova learned the hard way that superheroes let you down. When Nova tries to kill captain Chronium, the leader of the Renegades, she meets a new player, the Sential, who has more powers than anyone should have. She decides in order to bring them down, she enters the Renegades as a spy.

So we all read probably countless Enemies to Lovers book but I think, that this trope is even better, cause you are so thrilled to see Adriens reaction when he finds out. Marissa Meyer proved that she masters this trope with amazing Characters and an excellent world building. The fact that everyone is a villain in this book makes it extra special and you can’t say who is good and who’s bad cause all fight for right reasons.

Bring me their hearts by Sara Wolf

Bring me their hearts is an extremely underrated fantasy trilogy, with one of the most special world Building. The witches lost the great war to the humans so no they hide with their Heartless and Zera is a heartless. That means she is immortal and unbelievable strong in a fight, but she also has lost her memory, can’t eat real food and a voice in her mind tells her to turn into a monster. When she gets a great chance to become human again, the only thing she must do is steel the heart of the prince Lucian, literally steel the real beating heart.

I love this couple especially cause of his unique sarcastic humor, she really compared the king to a potato and you can’t stop yourself from falling for either Zera or Lucian. They are just so strong and they would do anything to reach their goals, but are still such kind and loving persons.

King of scars by Leigh Bardugo

King of Scars is the sixth book in the Grischaverse and we finally meat some of our favorite characters again. While we see Nina spying in Fjerda while trying to overcome her pain, we also see Nikolai and Zoya ruling Ravka together and still trying to beat the monster inside of him.

We actually get this trope twice here, which you know I love. It isn’t as obvious as at the other books, but it is still there and just is written so perfectly, that after only a few chapters you ship the couples so hard.

Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian

We follow Theo who lost everything, her country, her family, her crown, her culture and even her name, all taken by the cruel emperor. When her father dies, she finally decides to take back what was stolen and starts a revolution against the court. To break the emperors force, she uses prince Soren to free her people.

Theo and Soren are such a cute couple, he is the only one who deeply cares about the oppression of Astera and tries to understand her culture and the pain she has cause of the cruel things his father did.

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