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The Kiss Quotient

Everything: 5/5

World: 3/5

Characters: 5/5

Plot: 5/5

Writing: 4/5

Review in a sentence: One cutest love story, which just makes you feel good.


Author: Helen Hoang

Goodreads Review: 3.93 (July 2021)

Pages: 323

Genre: Romance

A heartwarming and refreshing debut novel that proves one thing: there's not enough data in the world to predict what will make your heart tick.

Stella Lane thinks math is the only thing that unites the universe. She comes up with algorithms to predict customer purchases—a job that has given her more money than she knows what to do with, and way less experience in the dating department than the average thirty-year-old.

It doesn't help that Stella has Asperger's and French kissing reminds her of a shark getting its teeth cleaned by pilot fish. Her conclusion: she needs lots of practice—with a professional. Which is why she hires escort Michael Phan. The Vietnamese and Swedish stunner can't afford to turn down Stella's offer, and agrees to help her check off all the boxes on her lesson plan—from foreplay to more-than-missionary position...

Before long, Stella not only learns to appreciate his kisses, but to crave all the other things he's making her feel. Soon, their no-nonsense partnership starts making a strange kind of sense. And the pattern that emerges will convince Stella that love is the best kind of logic...

My Opinion:

I am not a big romance reader, i like cute love stories and sometimes they are nice for a quick read, but i need more, i what to be surprised, swept into another world and completely forget everything around otherwise i get bored and this book delivered, which is probably the reason why its the only romance on my whole Highlights list. At the being i thought i wouldn’t relate to Stella so much, because i am neuro typical , but I was so wrong, how passionate she was, how she tried to please everyone around her, how she kind she is, I think i fell more in love with her than Micheal ever could and he is already head over heels for her. They grew so much over this book and i really believe they became the best version of themselves.


What I loved most about this book is that they healed themselves, there problems didn’t go away because suddenly the started dating, the went away because of the support they had, which made them do it THEMSELVES. At first i was furios that Steall gave herself up and i thought she would just love herself in the end because of Micheal, but thankfully i was wrong, she fixed her problems on her own, she accepted herself, not because of a man, but because of her belief and strength, she was at a low point and still found the strength to make everything better.

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