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Tricks to get out of a reading slum

I mean we all hate it, you just want to read so badly, but every time you wanna start or finish the book you immediately put it down or worse you can't even start.


It's a cheap and easy solution, you can just put it on and you can clean your room, draw something or just lay down to relax without a lot of concentration and you et them everywhere. Apple Music and Spotify for example have a great offer for romance books, mystery's and a few fantasy books. my favorite are the books from Yoyo Moyes, Agatha Christie and Six of Crows.

Short Extra Books:

Many Authors publish short extra story's and or chapters from different perspectives and it's so easy to read them cause you won't be introduced into new characters or complicated world building and don't have to concentrate on difficult plot points. You just enjoy that you're back in this beautiful story. They are also really cheap and sometimes even free. My favorites are all the extra chapters from Legend and The Lost sisters from the Folk of the Air.

Reread your favorite Book:

Honestly I own books that I have read over 10 times and It just makes me happy to see my favorite characters again and of course I won't get new plot points which change my mind, but sometimes you notice tings you never thought of before and it can change your point of view.

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